Jamon knife, carbon steel - Pallares


  • Jamon knife, carbon steel - Pallares
  • Jamon knife, carbon steel - Pallares

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While the Spanish primarily intended this for jamon, it is equally adept at perfectly slicing smoked salmon.


SHAPE: Jamon knife. A thin, very sharp flexible blade capable of wafer thin slices.

STEEL: Carbon steel. This knife will rust if not dried properly and wiped after use especially if cutting acidic foods. I personally force a patina on these knives as it looks amazing and is very practical. There is more information on this in our blog.

HANDLE: Western boxwood handles

LENGTH: 260mm

MAKER: Pallares, Solsona Spain

BEST FOR: You guessed it, thin slices of protein.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "I have been looking for a cheaper range of knives that could be used everyday for a while. The knives couldn't compromise on functionality and most importantly ability to take an edge. Now the out of the box edge is ok but it you sharpen one of these bad boys up it will easily shave hair and cut fingers (I have recent experience in this).This range of knives has amazed me. "





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