Honesuki knife, Aogami 2 core with stainless steel cladding, nashiji finish - Tadafusa


A lesser-seen knife shape which is incredibly useable.

SHAPE: Honesuki. This shape was originally intended as a poultry knife but today is often bought for its nice length and good looks. They can be either single or double bevel, this one is double bevel.

STEEL: Aogami (blue paper) 2 steel. This is very similar to white paper steel but with tungsten and chromium added to it which helps with edge retention and slows down rusting. The steel has then been hardened to 62-63 Rockwell and wrapped in stainless steel to further ease maintenance.

FINISH: Nashiji or pear skin finish. This matt and mottled finish helps with food release and looks very rustic.

HANDLE: Western shaped bubinga handle.

LENGTH: 150mm

MAKER: Tadafusa - Niigata City, Japan

BEST FOR: Poultry fans.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Good fun to play with, this knife might seen like an esoteric choice but is very useable"