Honesuki knife, Aogami 2 carbon steel, kurouchi finish - Kitaoka


Kitaoka only makes single bevel knives so you can rest assured that he knows what he is doing.

SHAPE: Honesuki. This shape was originally intended as a poultry knife but today is often bought for its nice length and good looks. They can be either single or double bevel, this one is single bevel. 

STEEL: Aogami (blue) 2 steel. It is a reactive carbon steel which is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. This steel is frequently paired with a kurouchi finish and is often chosen for traditional-style Japanese knives.  

FINISH: Kurouchi. This is a traditional, rustic finish achieved by leaving the furnace scale from the forging process on the blade rather than polishing it off. It has the advantage of reducing the reactivity of the surface of the knife and gives the blade a stylish, matt black finish.

HANDLE: D shaped Rosewood wood handle with pakkawood ferrule.

LENGTH: 150mm in length.

MAKER: Kitaoka - Takefu, Japan

BEST FOR: Traditionally for poultry and paring meat from bones."

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Not just for birds, this knife is also good as a petty with the k-tip making it great for precision work."

Traditional Japanese knives, such as this, should exclusively be sharpened by hand on Whetstones.