Gyuto knife, ZA-18 stainless steel , tsuchime finish - Kanetsugu


Kanetsugu are based in Seki city. They offer exceptional value knives that are easy to sharpen and have great fit and finish. These knives are an excellent entry point into the world of Japanese knives.

SHAPE: Gyuto. Literally translates as "cow sword", this is Japan's answer to the western chef knife. 

STEEL: The ZA-18 stainless steel was specially developed to compete or even outperform VG10. It has similar chemical composition to the VG10, but contains higher Carbon (1.20 vs. 1.05), Chromium (18.0 vs. 15.5), Molybdenum (1.5- vs. 1.20) and Cobalt (1.80 vs. 1.50) for added hardness, durability and corrosion resistance.  The outer layers are made of AUS-2 steel, which makes it extra strong to bending and breaking. 

FINISH: Tsuchime. This is a hand hammered finish that is not only beautiful but also functional. The small depressions stop food sticking to the knife. This finishes comes in many different forms from the traditional round hammer marks to more modern patterns.

HANDLE: Western "Eco wood", which is made from waste chips

LENGTH: 200mm in length.

MAKER: Kanetsugu - Seki city, Japan

BEST FOR: Those looking for their first Japanese knife.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "These are very easy to sharpen and cut brilliantly."