Wooden spring onion cutter

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Yeah yeah, exactly what I've always needed, we hear you cry? Well, stop scoffing. The spring onion cutter is in fact ridiculously useful.

The blades make slicing spring onions or leeks incredibly quick. It makes ribbons that can be mixed without fear that you will discover an unchopped chunk of onion part way through your stir fry, tacos or salad. If you are consuming hoi sin duck in any quantity, we assume that this will be very much your go to device.

This one is pretty similar to the other spring onion 'negi' cutter we sell, but in wood for the plastic-phobes out there. It is also slightly less vicious looking with its blades on the top and the metal plate acting as a sort of depth gauge meaning it is slightly easier to use.

Use alongside the spiralizer to add some onion to your creations. 

Saunders says:

"When Symonds put me onto this I will put my hands up and say I was slightly sceptical. My thoughts where that I could easily do that with a knife, so what's the point? How wrong I was. I have reached for this little contraption more than any other. It basically allows you to cut spring onions and baby leeks into the long beautiful strips you see on Asian dishes."