Oroshigane metal grater - copper - medium

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Oroshigane metal grater - copper - medium
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The oroshigane grater, also known as oroshiki, is widely used in Japanese cooking and is a staple in professional kitchens. It grates more finely than typical western graters and is able to reduce even hard fruit and vegetables to a fine material. The grater makes short work of garlic, ginger or chillies and is large enough for any citrus fruit. It is beautifully packaged with a rather stylish black and white aesthetic. This is the smaller version.

Saunders says:

"The oroshigane grater is a permanent feature on our kitchen counter. What better that one that has a beautiful copper handle? Totally useful and totally on trend. A perfect housewarming present."

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The spec

This grater 75mmx120mm. Made in Japan from stainless steel and copper.


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