Chinese cleaver knife, Shirogami 2, iron clad, kasumi polish - Sugimoto


A very special cleaver combining Japanese steels, Chinese-style knife shapes, and excellent craftsmanship.

SHAPE: No.2 Chinese Cleaver - this Japanese-made Chinese cleaver represents the very best of East Asia. If you are into the nakiri shape or prep a lot of veg, it is the perfect tool for you. Hand-forged warikome construction - this is where the cladding is wrapped over the spine of the knife. 

STEEL: Shirogami 2 with iron cladding.

FINISH:  Kasumi polish - a hazy, almost matte, effect on the blade. 

HANDLE: Oval wood handle

LENGTH: 220 x 95mm

MAKER: Sugimoto - a company that pioneered Japanese-made Chinese cleavers.

BEST FOR: A seriously special Chinese cleaver for schweffy veg prep. 

SAUNDERS SAYS: "Definitely no bones anywhere near this beauty."

These knives are hand-forged so there may be slight variations in measurements and finishes.