Benriner mandolin


  • Benriner mandolin
  • Benriner mandolin
  • Benriner mandolin

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Slice vegetables in double quick time with the Benriner mandolin. Whether you are whipping up a batch of potato dauphinoise, prepping vegetables or slicing onions, this will help you create a pile of evenly sliced vegetables in seconds.

Saunders says:

"You will hear me bang on and on about Japanese kitchenware and how good it is. This quality is embodied with this mandolin. Firstly, it is disgustingly sharp. WATCH YOUR FINGERS. It comes with a normal cutting blade for things like potato dauphinoise, and three different julienne blades for, well, julienne-ing. I use this product all the time and with this and a good knife my food processor is gathering dust."

We've said this once, but it bears repeating, this thing is SUPER SHARP. If you are feeling a bit unsure, or have a tendency towards clumsiness *cough, Symonds*, maybe start out trying the spiralizer. Or if you are feeling confident, super-size it with the Super Benriner.


The spec

The Benriner mandolin comes with a screw mechanism on the back to adjust the thickness which ranges from 0.5mm to 3mm. There is also a spiked finger guard to hold the ingredient to be cut. USE THIS! The mandolin is 6.5cm wide, which is suitable for most vegetables. It also has grooves running its length which aids in juice removal when cutting things like tomatoes. The mandolin comes in cream.

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