Ajikiri knife, Carbon steel, Kurouchi finish, Single bevel


A great knife in an unusual shape.

SHAPE: Ajikiri. Officially intended for prepping small fish but, unlike a deba, this knife is thin so suitable for more general prep work as well. This knife is single bevelled for right handers.

STEEL: Carbon steel. This steel takes and keeps a great edge but care must be take  as this knife will rust if left wet.

FINISH: Kurouchi. This rustic finish is achieved by leaving the forge scale on that forms during the knife's production. It not only looks great but gives some protection against rust.

HANDLE: D shaped Ho wood handle with a plastic ferrule.

LENGTH: 105mm in length.

BEST FOR: Your first little fish prep knife.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "These cool wee knives are fun to use, super affordable and a great way to learn how to sharpen single bevel knives."