Kitchen Provisions Merch - the gift set

  • £79.00


Not going to lie, we do love a bit of merch. It is a particular pleasure to get involved in product design and work with some talented graphic designers and makers. These are the results - visually appealing but also super practical in terms of materials and proportions. We hope you love them as much as we do!

In the set:

CANVAS KNIFE ROLL: Made from a heavyweight cotton drill fabric in a choice of green, black or denim with contrast ties. There are five slots to accommodate your different size knives alongside other sundry equipment from paring knives and scissors, to peelers and oyster shuckers. The design includes a flap to cover and protect the blades, and a bonus slot for your sharpie. More info here.

TEA TOWEL: Everyone loves a tea towel. Particularly one with such amazing graphics. More info here.

LEATHER STROP: Use it to finish your knives and polish the edge, removing any small burrs that might remain after sharpening. It takes seconds but makes a real difference to the finished result. More info here.