Santoku knife, Chromax steel, stainless cladding, polished finish - Kagekiyo


The ultra useful santoku shape pumped up to the max.

SHAPE: Santoku. Named after the three best things to do with this knife - slicing, dicing and mincing. It is the classic veg prep knife with both good breadth and width

STEEL: Chromax. A new Japanese semi stainless steel with 1% carbon.  This steel is much less reactive than true carbon steel, but gives many of the same sharpening and performance abilities as some of the more traditional carbon steels. 

FINISH: Polished.

HANDLE: Octagonal walnut handle with black buffalo horn ferule

LENGTH: 180mm in length.

MAKER: Baba Hamono - Sakai City, Japan

BEST FOR: To feel top notch craftsmanship in a beautiful knife.

SAUNDERS SAYS: "An exceptionally good value santoku for those wanting an easy easy to look after and sharpen knife "