Kitchen Provisions wedding gin gift kit


  • Kitchen Provisions wedding gin gift kit
  • Kitchen Provisions wedding gin gift kit
  • Kitchen Provisions wedding gin gift kit

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With wedding season upon us, we thought that a version of the bespoke blend gin kit would be a great gift for the couples that have everything. Long gone are the days where you can gift a toaster, so we think that a gift where the bride and groom (or any combination thereof) get to personalise their own gin blend in recognition of that special day ticks a lot of boxes! It would work equally well as an anniversary present or just as a romantic gesture.


The wedding gin gift contains the ingredients and instructions to transform four bottles of vodka into your own unique blends of gin. One each for both halves of the couple to avoid any early marital disharmony. One bottle can be made with the Kitchen Provisions Botanicals Blend. The range of botanicals can then be mixed to their preference to create their own unique blend. Don't worry, we provide tips and suggestions to ensure it is delicious!


All presented in the Kitchen Provisions packaging. We also add in a sprinkle of confetti and rose petals to up the romance factor!



- 2 x 750ml glass bottles

- fine mesh sieve

- funnel

- 2 x pack of Kitchen Provisions Botanicals Blend

- 2 x jar of juniper berries

-  2 x 8 sachets of individual botanicals

- 1 x botanical boost kit

- Kitchen Provisions instruction booklet 


Add 750ml of vodka (not included) and this is everything you need to get cracking on making gin. 


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