Bitters and tinctures

If you like cocktails, in particular drinks like the Old Fashioned, then you have tried bitters. Made famous by brands like Angostura Bitters, bitters were first used for their medicinal benefits. It wasn't until the early 1800’s that bitters were used alongside alcohol. This boom really started in America where bitters were cheap and able to cover up the taste of cheap liquor. One of main uses nowadays is a ‘seasoning’ for drinks.

Bitters are aromatic infusions of barks, seeds, roots, spices, peels and herbs generally held in a high proof alcohol. They can be used to really bring out the flavour of certain cocktails, either balancing out sweetness or adding complexity. Bitters can be used in food as well. We particularly like some dropped on top of a grapefruit which is then scattered with sugar and then grilled till slightly coloured.

We have put together a range of kits that give you the chance to make your own bitters. In the simplest form this is a recipe that we have put together giving you a taste of how we like our house bitters, in the All In Bitters Kit. For those wanting to develop their own blend of bitters, there is the Bespoke Bitters Kit. Most complex is the Tinctures Kit that allows you to play with the strength of different botanicals and gives you complete control over the final flavour profile.